Box 4 Drawing a Flow Net for an Unconfined System with a Water Table Boundary Graphical Construction of Groundwater Flow Nets

The qualitative flow net in Figure 5.13 has been developed for a soil whose unsaturated characteristic curves are those shown on the inset graphs. Often, both equipotential lines and flow lines need to be erased and redrawn repeatedly before achieving curvilinear squares with equipotential lines meeting the water table at right angles and at an elevation equal to their value. Even after adjustment, a hand drawn flow net is only an approximate solution to the flow equations. For the purpose of this book, a fairly precise flow net is shown as Figure Box 4-5. The flow net does not provide precision to the 3 significant figures shown in the contour labels in the diagram.

  • This phenomenon can be observed in the flow tubes in the upper left-hand corner of the flow net in Figure 5.13, where the gradients increase toward the surface.
  • Figure Box 4-6 – Some flow nets may include partial flow tubes as shown here by the narrow flow tube at the bottom of the flow net.
  • Analytical methods are limited to flow problems in which the region of flow, boundary conditions, and geologic configuration are simple and regular.
  • That is, any point (x,y) in the original coordinate system will be moved to a point (x,Y) in the transformed coordinate system where, Y is defined in Equation Box 5-1.
  • Here, first boundary condition is the upstream surface, from where the flow starts and if we notice, it is the first equipotential line of our flow net as at every point on this line the total head is same.
  • It seems to us that the transformation techniques introduced in this section provide an indirect but satisfying explanation of this phenomenon.
  • Anisotropy in the horizontal plane is generally the result of a directional fabric in the material such as fracture planes.

Water molecule cannot cross this sheet, it flows from a point which is near to the  sheet on the upstream and moves vertically downward. The sheet pile is also tracing the flow path of the draw flow nets molecule so this boundary, if we name it ABC, is a flow line. If the geometry of the flow space changes, the boundary conditions will be changed and hence the flow net will be changed.

Add shapes to the drawing canvas

Development and explanation of the hydraulic conductivity ellipse is provided in Groundwater Project book (Woessner and Poeter, 2020). In other words, h2 rather than h must satisfy Laplace’s equation. It is possible to set up steady-state boundary-value problems based on Eq. (5.30) and to solve for h(x, y) in shallow, horizontal flow fields by analog or numerical simulation. It is also possible to develop a transient equation of flow for Dupuit free-surface flow in unconfined aquifers whereby h2 replaces h in the left-hand side of Eq. Suppose you want to draw a flow net for an irrigated field with many parallel drains as shown in Figure Box 5-3.

  • Forsythe and Wasow (1960) deliver their message at a more advanced mathematical level.
  • The hydraulic-conductivity ellipse (Figure 5.7) will have semiaxes and and .
  • This ellipse has principal semiaxes and (rather than and , as in Figure 5.7).
  • Once you have finished adding all the shapes, connectors and labels, you can style your flow chart.
  • Figure Box 5-4 Only a small portion of the field with parallel drains needs to be drawn to develop a flow net.

These curves of hydraulic conductivity, K, and moisture content, θ as a function of ψ, are the wetting curves taken from Figure 2.13. Which is about 125 oil drums full of water each day, and would take about 100 days to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool. As noted earlier, it is important to recognize that the volumetric flow rate determined from a flow net is an approximate value. Short labels on shapes make it easier to understand a diagram quickly. When you move the shape to a new position, the connector ends will automatically move around the shape to ensure the shortest distance. To select multiple shapes, hold down Shift or Cmd and click on them.

Basic Criteria for Drawing Graphical Flow Nets

Let us consider a soil sample of length L and put it into a glass cylinder. We attach the top of the cylinder with water source and let the water flow through the soil and let it exit from the bottom. It is applicable only to simple flow systems with one recharge boundary and one discharge boundary. For more complicated systems, it is best to simply calculate dQ for one streamtube and multiply by the number of streamtubes to get Q. Now when you drag the shape around on the drawing canvas, the connector will remain attached to exactly those connection points.

Make sure that equipotential lines meet the water table and the seepage face at an elevation that is the same as the hydraulic head of the equipotential line. The equipotential lines and flow lines should intersect to form curvilinear squares. As before, one way to decide if you are creating curvilinear squares is to draw a circle between the intersecting lines. If the circle fits roughly within the shapes, then they are approximately curvilinear squares (Figure Box 4-4). In recent years, the finite-difference method has been equaled in popularity by another numerical method of solution, known as the finite-element method. In many cases, a smaller nodal grid suffices and there are resulting economies in computer effort.

Freeze and Cherry Groundwater Book

Two common boundary conditions are (1) constant hydraulic head along the boundary and (2) no flow across the boundary. After the boundary conditions are specified, the flow net is constructed by following an iterative, step-by-step procedure. The next step is to envision how water is likely to move through the system and sketch some flow lines (Figure 7). The flow lines should be drawn perpendicular to the constant-head boundaries. The first sketching of flow lines simply gets the process started. The concept of an integrated saturated-unsaturated flow system was introduced to the hydrologic literature by Luthin and Day (1955).

For electrical flow through an individual resistor, the I in Eq. (5.20) must now be viewed as the current, and the σ is equal to 1/R, where R is the resistance of the resistor. As in the paper analog, a potential difference is set up across the constant-head boundaries of the model. A sensing probe is used to determine the voltage at each of the nodal points in the network, and these values, when recorded and contoured create the equipotential net.

The finite-element method is also capable of handling one situation that the finite-difference method cannot. The finite-difference method requires that the principal directions of anisotropy in an anisotropic formation parallel the coordinate directions. If there are two anisotropic formations in a flow field, each with different principal directions, the finite-difference method is stymied, whereas the finite-element method can provide a solution. The development of the finite-element equations requires a mathematical sophistication that is out of place in this introductory text. Numerical methods, both finite-difference and finite-element, are widely used as the basis for digital computer simulation of transient flow in groundwater aquifers.

draw flow nets

We have seen in Chapter 2 that a groundwater flow system can be represented by a three-dimensional set of equipotential surfaces and a corresponding set of orthogonal flowlines. If a meaningful two-dimensional cross section can be chosen through the three-dimensional system, the set of equipotential lines and flowlines so exposed constitutes a flow net. The construction of flow nets is one of the most powerful analytical tools for the analysis of groundwater flow. Gage pressure is typically used for quantifying pressure, with atmospheric pressure being equivalent to zero gage pressure.

Adjust the position of flow lines and equipotential lines until a circle fills the space between the lines fairly well as in Figure 9. If an oval is needed to fill the space then it is not a curvilinear square. The number of flow lines is the same in Figure 8 and Figure 9, but the number of equipotential lines differ indicating the redrawing was necessary to obtain a flow net that can be used to calculate flow through the system.

  • To solve such problems and to analyse multi-dimensional flow in soil, we make use of a concept called Flow net.
  • The geometric transformation can then be carried out for flow net construction.
  • In Figure 5.14(a), BC is a constant-head boundary and DC is impermeable.
  • Analytical method of obtaining a flow net for a flow of water in a soil mass is a mathematical solution to an equation that is obtained by the flow conditions.
  • Generally the flow of water in soil is three dimensional and analysis of such flow is too complex and difficult.
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